You can't afford not to learn from PGA Professional Brian Dahmer.

2808 NE Frontage Rd, Fort Collins, 
CO. 80524

(970) 482-4847


Brian Dahmer, PGA believes he can help anyone improve their golf game. He understands that no one golfer is the same as the next but the fundamentals apply to everyone. Brian’s philosophy is “There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything” and learning the game the right way is what Brian wants you to appreciate. No other game has so many different nuances and Brian completely understands all of them. Through years of education and practical application Brian can guide you through the falsehoods to realize the truth about the swing and ultimately a better game.

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Finding the right golf instructor is an important step to improving your game. Brian has the rare ability to combine premier playing abilities with the gift of teaching golf, don’t waste your time with self-help efforts. Get the guidance you need to make the most of your golf game. 

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Brian knows the level of service required to help improve your golf game he will provide an outstanding golf experience and he is ready to deliver that same level of service for you, his willingness to go the extra mile will enrich your game and ensure the finest golf experience you would expect from a true professional.

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