Junior Golf Academy

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                     April 25 – July 11 

Ages 5 - 17


The Mt. Vista Junior Academy is designed to teach your child the fundamentals of golf which includes etiquette, respect for the game and their peers, the rules, as well as building confidence and self-respect.

Each 1-hour lesson will focus on the principles of a specific aspect of the game ranging from putting, chipping, pitching, to the full swing with an on course session

Series of 5  lessons 



 Here at Mt. Vista Golf Course, our friendly professional staff has the knowledge and capability to teach your child this wonderful game while maintaining a fun, active and productive atmosphere.

Our goal is to enhance your child’s understanding of the game. Create an enjoyable experience so they will continue to pursue their goals and love the game of golf!

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Hope to see you soon!


If you pay on line - Please leave the child's name, age, phone number, your email, and the parent/guardians name on the first date and time you wish to attend in calendar coment.

The best reasons to put your child in golf!


The simple fact is that it gets them outside! This is perhaps one of the best reasons of all, not to mention they will have an absolute blast. Golf is beneficial for children due to the fact that it is a great outdoor sport with lots of fresh air, exercise, beautiful scenery, and it’s a great way to make new friends. Too many children have the unhealthy habit of sitting inside on their computer, laptop, phone, or video games, so now more than ever it is necessary to keep them active and social. Golf can be a life changing addition to your child’s health and well-being. Not only does it teach discipline, accepting critiques from others, and respect, it teaches them how to handle frustration in a focused manner leading to self-improvement and the ability to overcome future obstacles. They will learn the importance of concentration, how to stay positive in trying circumstances, and how to build confidence as they learn to understand the game and rules of golf. Techniques learned in golf can be applied to everyday problem solving skills. These include critical thinking and a greater ability to work with numbers.


 Golf is still a highly respected sport that when properly taught exudes prestige and honor as it places an emphasis on etiquette and integrity. With Golf Lessons by Brian, every shot is a good one when it comes to your child. Each golfer must learn to be their own judge or referee. That means doing the right thing and being respectful towards fellow competitors and sometimes even having to call a penalty on themselves. Consider the many organized activities in which young people can participate in such as baseball, soccer or football. Golf is a non-contact sport yet it still improves the strength of core muscles that support the spine, it improves flexibility, and it is a highly active game with less injuries than contact sports. You might think your child is too young to understand, but quite the contrary, children are never too young to learn the fundamentals of golf. In fact, the younger the better and once they get hooked it will be a sport they can play for a lifetime. If you put your child out on the golf course without formal training, he or she may pick up bad habits that will be hard to break in the long run.

Start them off right with Golf Lessons by Brian!

About your instructor


Brian Dahmer has given numerous junior golf lessons one-on-one as well as in group settings. He was the lead instructor of a junior program that included over 100 junior golfers at LakeRidge Golf Course in Reno, NV. Brian is fun, entertaining, knowledgeable, and respectful. His golf classes are enjoyable and highly educational, with prizes, games and an overall great experience. After attending Brian's Junior golf academy your child will hopefully want to continue growing as a golfer. Just think how you and your child can spend quality time out on the golf course making incredible memories to share for years to come.

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