I know you will benefit from lessons and feel great about your game!  

Taking lessons will teach you how to make a repeatable golf swing, create a consistent ball flight, be longer and more accurate, manage your game and improve your golf skills by finding a rhythm that works for you. Golf Lessons By Brian will help you gain a smooth and effortless swing by using key principles that are superbly effective. 

No one can hand you a perfect swing on a silver platter, there is no magic tip or secret that will instantly turn you into a scratch golfer. Brian will provide the necessary tools and how to use them, resulting in taking your game to the next level. Understanding and practicing the fundamentals of the golf swing will lower your scores and improve your golf game.You can make the difference! You will get pride in knowing you have accomplished the goals you set and are capable of achieving them. We all strive to be greater. Here is your chance to improve.

Ask yourself - are you ready to make the commitment for a better golf game?

So you've spent $700.00 on the latest game improvement set of irons. Paid $300.00 for a Driver that will make the ball go farther and straighter *plus we all have paid an unbelievable amount for a dozen golf balls. Now it's time to invest in learning  how to use your new equipment to make that $5.00 ball fly properly. With the knowledge Brian is willing to share with you in these lessons you will save headachesfrustration and you can acquire knowledge that will put you at the top of your game!

A swing is as individual as each person. You can try to duplicate a professional’s swing but, you can never be them. Take for instance a senior golf professional who may not be able to hit the ball with the strength he once had nor have the flexibility of a younger gentlemen. Your height, weight, flexibility and physical limitations all play a part in what you can achieve. Everyone can find their ultimate golf swing; exercising will help with flexibility and knowing your body will help you achieve a better game. Distance is not just the power behind the swing, it has to do with the proper technique and understanding of what influences the flight of the ball. Brian will get you hitting the ball straight with distance and better accuracy. A great game takes time and following the right instructions will help improve your game and master your skills.

Brian believes that growing the game of golf lies in the ability to develop new students into proficient golfers, casual golfers in to avid golfers and give accomplished golfers the desire to continually progress and pass on to future generations the traditions and dedication of the game. Brian has influenced every student he has worked with and given them the desire to become an accomplished golfer at their desired level, furthermore instilling a passion for the game that will last a lifetime.

       Lesson Rates:

         1 Hour Lessons 


1 Lesson                          $65.00

 3 Lessons                     $175.00


 5 Lessons                     $290.00


Group Lessons:

 2 People                       $300.00  (for series of 5)

 3 people or more     $125.00ea.

 (for series of 5)


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Things Brian can help you with.


Practice Drills


  • Grip
  • Wrist
  • Posture
  • Head down
  • Turn
  • Stance
  • Balance

Pre-shot fundamentals

  • Focus
  • Alignment
  • Ball placement


  • Grip/Pressure
  • Club face
  • Elbow position
  • Swing plane
  • Swing tempo
  • Weight shift
  • Back swing
  • Follow though
  • Finish Position

Pre-shot routine

  • Focus
  • Alignment
  • Target line
  • Club face


  • Driver
  • Woods Hybrids
  • Short Irons
  • Mid irons
  • Long irons


  • Straight
  • Draw
  • Fade
  • Low
  • High
  • Wind
  • Down hill
  • Up hill
  • Fringe
  • Rough
  • Fairway
  • How to fix
  • Hook
  • Slice
  • Top
  • Shank
  • Fat
  • Thin
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Course management
  • Club selection
  • Controlling emotions
  • Play away from trouble
  • Where to tee up
  • Ball placement
  • Lay up


  • Cart path
  • Out of bounds
  • Obstruction
  • Clubs

  Short game

  • Putting
  • Pre-shot routine
  • Fundamentals of the stroke
  • 3 footers
  • 10-15 footers
  • Lag putting
  • Chipping
  • Fundamentals of chipping
  • Choosing the right club
  • Pitching
  • Fairway lies
  • Short rough
  • Lob shots
  • Deep grass bunker
  • Greenside Sand Bunker


  • Safety
  • Consideration
  • Pace of Play
  • Divots
  • Ball-Marks
  • Bunkers
  • Ball markers
  • Divots


  • Golf Attire
  • Equipment
  • Rake
  • Divots
  • Ball maker